About this feature

Create and manage multiple locations under a single user account and within a single dashboard. This feature will work for organisations of all shapes and sizes operating a centralised compliance management function.

Compliance alerts

Get an overview of compliance on a per-location basis in a single view to see if some locations are struggling with their check-in compliance processes.

  • Low activity alert. This alert will begin 5 days after a location is activated and will display when a location has recorded zero check-ins in the last 72 hours.

  • High activity alert. This alert requires custom configuration by our team to enable, and it shows if too many people have checked in within the last 72 hours.

Additional features & configuration

We have several additional features that can be activated on a per-account basis if required. These include the following:

  • Alert escalation policies. Setup an automated escalation process to send an email alert if a location's compliance is slipping.

  • Dedicated alert dashboard. Designed for organisations with 50+ locations, this page provides your compliance team with the ability to review and archive alerts.

  • Multi-user access management. Add additional users to your team to help with the location data, policies, and location compliance alerts.


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