About this feature

Anyone using any Comply Group check-in portal has the opportunity to save their details after each check-in. Next time they use a Comply Group portal (via a QR code or unique URL), the form will be automatically completed with their saved details.

Usage notes


  • No application download is required. The information is securely stored in the mobile phone's browser meaning no app is required for the feature to work.

  • The process is GDPR compliant. When opting to save their details, the person will be informed about storage location, data expiry, and agree to GDPR policies.

  • Works across Comply Group locations. When someone saves their data, they can pre-fill any Comply Group location instantly without any additional steps.

  • Will not pre-fill another person check-in. After completing a change and saving details, if they opt to "check-in another person" their details will not be used.

Data storage

  • Data is stored on their device. The data will be stored on the person's current mobile phone. For other phones, the process will need to be repeated.

  • Data is stored for 28 days. For security and privacy purposes, the data will be automatically deleted on the user's device after 28 days from their last check-in.

  • Data is updated on each check-in. Each time someone submits a check-in with the save data feature enabled if they change their details the saved data will update.

  • The expiry period is a rolling 28 days. Each time someone submits a check-in with the save data feature enabled, their 28 day expiry period is automatically extended.

  • Only some information is saved. This includes; name, address, postcode, email, phone, identification number, and health questionnaire answers.

Health questionnaires

  • The health questionnaire is only valid on the same day. Health questionnaire answers will only pre-fill if the answers were submitted earlier in the same day.

  • Health questionnaires can be overridden. The person checking in will have the opportunity to view and/or revise their answers to the health questionnaires.

  • Health questionnaire types are reconciled. There is different type software health questionnaire in Comply Group and they are pre-filled respectively.

Using this feature

  1. After completing a check-in tap "Save details (pre-fill next time"

  2. Tap "Accept & continue"

Disable the feature (and delete saved data)

After completing a check-in click the "save details" link to turn off the feature and instantly delete all saved data on the current device.


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