About this feature

Display a message at the top of the check-in portal shown to people immediately after scanning the QR code. This message can be turned into a legally binding condition(s) of entry that is agreed to buy the people each time they check-in.

Example use cases

  • Welcome message. Say hello to your customers or employees and share important information for the day or week (can be updated as often as needed).

  • Legal requirements. Indicate to users that by checking in to the location they are agreeing to some specific condition(s).

Usage notes

  • Title text. Depending on your configuration, the text at the top will be either; "Message from {{location_name}}" or "Condition(s) of Entry".

  • Legally binding nature. If the message is configured for Condition(s) of Entry, the legal terms at the bottom of the page will change to support the addition.

  • Version control. A copy of the message and the Condition(s) of Entry configuration is stored on each check-in individually, meaning as it changes, historical data is not impacted.

  • Embedded links. As described below in "writing links in the note" you can embed links that will open up a separate tab when clicked.

Using this feature

  1. Click the "Edit Location" button

  2. Expand the "Custom Content" tab

  3. Find the "Welcome Message" section

  4. Write your message in the field

  5. (optional) Enable the "Condition(s) of Entry" checkbox

  6. Hit "Save"

Writing links in the note. Links like https://comply.group for example will automatically be turned into a link. You can also add a link to specific text by writing your links in this format "[link text goes here](https://linkgoeshere.com)".

Turning this feature off. If you'd like to disable the button from showing on the check-in success Page, repeat the steps above and remove all contents in the "Welcome message" section. Without a message present, nothing will be shown. If the "Welcome message" is disabled, the "Condition(s) of Entry" checkbox is also absent from the legal terms.


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