About this feature

All check-in data collected is securely stored for a minimum period of time and then automatically deleted once per day in order to minimize organizational risk. The amount of time that the data is kept can be configured differently for each location.

Usage notes

  • Period limitations. The period to keep the data before deletion is configurable between 10 and 120 days from the creation date of the check-in.

  • Historical reports. Reports showing the number of check-ins and the number of people checked in will remain unchanged as these are only integer values.

  • Automatically configured. If your location's address is validated to be within a region that matches our automated ruleset, this will be automatically updated

Using this feature

  1. Click the "Edit Location" button

  2. Expand the "Advanced" tab

  3. Find the "Automatic data deletion" section

  4. Change the number to a value between 10 and 120

  5. Hit "Save"

  • Disable automatic deletion of data. In some use cases, you may not want to automatically delete check-in data after a period of time because you are required to keep the data.


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