About this feature

You can capture a person's temperature in the check-in portal and prevent them from entering a location and completing a check-in if their temperature exceeds the upper or lower limit for entering the location.

Example interaction flow

1) Health safety officer checks the individual's temperature:

  • If their temperature is unacceptable, verbally communicate their temperature to them and tell them to go home and get tested

  • If their temperature is acceptable to ask, verbally communicate their temperature to them, and tell them to scan the QR

2) The individual scans the QR code and completes the check-in form

3) The individual shows a health officer or staff member the check-in success page

  • If you'd like to verify the temperature entered into the check-in the success page should be shown to the health safety officer that initially provided the individual's temperature

  • If the verification of temperature is not required, then any staff member or health officer can verify the check-in completion.

Usage notes

  • Temperature units. A temperature unit is not specified to allow either to be used. Do not mix temperature units in the process and use your normal units.

  • Calculated decimal precision. There is no limit to the number of decimals that can be used to record or set limits for temperature measurements.

  • Displayed decimal precision. The check-in success page will show decimals rounded to two decimal points, the download data will not be rounded.

  • Historical data. Each check-in line item will display the at-time configuration of upper and lower limits meaning historical data will be unaffected by changes.

  • Limits are inclusive. When setting an upper or lower temperature limit, the limits will be inclusive e.g. a limit of 38.9 will accept submitted values of 38.9.

  • Limits are optional. If the limits are not set, the lower and upper default limits are 30 and 120 respectively ( body temperature extremes in Celcius and Fahrenheit).

Using the feature

  1. Click the "Edit Location" button

  2. Expand the "Health details" tab

  3. Find the "Temperature measurement capture" section

  4. Turn on the checkbox

  5. (optional) Set an upper limit and/or lower limit

  6. Hit "Save"


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