Using existing customisable fields

It is possible to change the text in specific fields within the portal to meet your exact requirements. Doing so will change the text for the person checking in and the column title for the data collected in your data download file.

  • Identification field. Change this text to collect something related to identifying who someone is using other means than contact details - learn more here

  • Purpose of entry field. Change this text to collect something related to identifying why someone is in the location - learn more here

  • Internal location field. Change this text to collect something related to where the person is or anything relevant to provide context their check-in - learn more here

  • Expandable link. When a new person checks in, ask them a question that when interacted with provides an additional input field with context - read more here

Adding new functionality

We have the ability to rapidly expand the portal's functionality by enabling customers to ask custom questions in their portal. By default, this functionality is not available in your location settings as it's our preference is to understand the context in each case.

If you don;'t believe the custom question options above provide you the flexibility needed to use our platform in your organisation, please reach out! We typically design, build, and deliver features within a few days of receiving a request.

Comprehensive '5 part' health questionnaire expansion

We have expanded the functionality of our 5 part health questionnaire, allowing you to now customise the questions entirely to meet the exact queries of your business (each question can be over ridden with custom text)

We've also added an additional 6th question (which can optionally be enabled if you choose) that will allow you to ask whether a staff member or visitor to your premises has come from or visted an exposure site listed on a government website.

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