Every location will instantly have a unique check-in link and QR code generated when it is created. The QR code can be downloaded and the URL copied into a printable page for your location or can be displayed on a digital screen for people to use.

Usage notes

  • Multiple image formats. The QR code is available for download in a variety of images to work with any modern design tool: PNG, EPS, SVG, and PDF.

  • Location activation does not impact usage. The QR code and URL will be available prior to location activation (payment is not required to test these).

  • Same QR code and link after activation. After activating your account, the QR code and link will not change (you can use the same code/URL after activation).

  • Internet Explorer 10 is broken. If you are using Internet Explorer 10 or earlier (check here), this 8-year-old browser does not download the images correctly.

Steps to complete

  1. Create a location (click here)

  2. (optional) After creating a location, based on your location's address, your location may be automatically configured to meet local guidelines

  3. Next, you will arrive on your location dashboard

  4. Here you will see the unique URL (e.g. https://covidcomply.org/k8vnx) and a QR code download button "Download PNG QRCODE"

  5. (optional) below the QR code button, you can download the code in other formats


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