Comply Group's Check-In Portal costs: $99 AUD (ex. GST)

  • A single payment will provide unlimited check-ins for 6 months or until restrictions are lifted (whichever comes first)

  • This payment will not automatically renew (it is not a subscription) but can be topped up with additional months to extend activation

  • After 6 months you can top up your account again with another 6 months of activation time for the same price

  • Payments are per location, not per account (one payment per location)

Not For Profit (NFP) organisations

A $10 per location discount is available for registered non-government NFPs. To access this discount, please reach out to us by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right with details about your organisation and the number of locations you require.

Bulk pricing

It is possible to purchase multiple locations in a single transaction. Additionally, if you have 10 or more locations, the price per location is discounted. For 20 or more locations, a further discount is applied - read more about the bulk purchase and pricing

Enterprise Pricing

We have features available for enterprise-wide dashboards as well as enterprise-grade security and data sovereignty as needed. For more information on these options see the articles in the links above.

Top-up your location

When your activation period has 90 days or less remaining, a notification will appear on your location's dashboard and in your location's settings page indicating that you can top-up your location for an additional time period.

When you top-up a location the time period which you have purchased will be added on top of the remaining time period for your location. For Example, if you have 90 days (aka 3 months) remaining after topping up you will have 9 months remaining.

Sending SMS

By default all SMS-based functionality is disabled. You can enable this functionality at any time. After activating a location you are provided with 10 complimentary SMS credits. You can top up your SMS credits by purchasing 50 or more SMS. We are charged a fixed price per SMS which we pass on top of you at $0.12 (ex. GST) per SMS.

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