About this feature

It is possible to purchase any amount of locations in bulk by following the steps described below. This will allow you to pay once for multiple locations instead of paying individually for each location. Discounts apply for large purchases.


The bulk discounts continue when purchasing more than 10 locations. These are approximate percentage discounts per location.

  • 10+ locations: $10 off per location (~10%)

  • 20+ locations: $20 off per location (~20%)

  • 200+ locations: $30 discount per location (~30%)

  • 500+ locations: $40 discount per location (~40%)

  • 1000+ locations: $50 discount per location (~50%)

Note: The use cases vary for a large amount of locations (e.g. such as taxis, public transport, rideshare drivers, etc). We will support your exact centralised compliance management requirements (for example, via custom configuration of our Enterprise Compliance Dashboard) so these discounts may vary on a case-by-case basis.

Usage notes

  • Purchase any amount. The bulk purchase feature works for any amount of locations. For less than 10 locations there just aren't any discounts applied.

  • Activation credits. After creating a bulk purchase, you will receive activation credits, each of which will can be used to activate a single location.

  • Credits take priority. If you have activation credits available, these will be prioritised over other payment methods when activating locations.

  • NFP discounts do compound. NFPs are eligible to a $10 per location discount, which applies in addition to the bulk discounts above.

  • Invoices / Purchase orders / Quotations. If you have a specific procurement process, please reach out and let us know what you need.

  • Instant usage if payment is delayed. If your procurement process means there will be a delay in payment, we can manually add credits to your account now.

Using this feature

  1. Head to you locations dashboard (click here)

  2. Click "Access bulk discounts"

  3. Type in the number of locations and click "Continue"

  4. Review your order and click "Continue"

  5. Enter your payment details to complete the payment

  6. Head to the location dashboard for any of your locations and click "Activate"

  7. (optional) Repeat step 6 for all locations requiring activation


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