License the entire platform and get a dedicated version for your organisation or group of organisations. Host in the data in a region of your choice, and distribute an unlimited number of locations at no additional cost amongst your group.

Example use cases

  • Entire municipal region. An entire city, shire, or council can purchase a fixed licence and distribute it to all internal buildings or set businesses in the region.

  • Distribute to your clients. Distribute location activation credits for free or re-sell the platform to your current clients or customers.


Starts at $2k AUD per month for a 12 months minimum contract. An initial one-time implementation payment will be required starting at $4k AUD.

Note: The implementation payment includes both black box and white box penetration tests of the custom, dedicated deployment for your organisation.


  • No public competition. Your deployment will not be allowed to publicly compete with Comply Group's public offering. Your "group" will be defined in the contract.

  • Dedicated operations. Your server expenses will have 12 months of operational expenses pre-purchased for guaranteed operation throughout the contract.

  • Team integration. Your IT team will be given access to the servers and codebase for redundancy and escalation policy purposes.

  • Dedicated deployment. Your servers and databases will be fully independent of our core offering and be fully dedicated to your usage only.

  • Regular updates. Updates made to the core product will be rolled into your dedicated version automatically and regularly with zero downtime.


The following regions are supported (all servers, databases, and data will be processed, managed, and held in your chosen region):

  • Sydney

  • Dublin

  • Frankfurt

  • Oregon

  • Tokyo

  • Virginia

Next steps

Contact the Founder & CEO at [email protected] to discuss further.

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