We offer enterprise-grade environments for government and corporate organisations with specific data sovereignty requirements allowing the storage of all respective data in an AWS data centre in a specific country/region.

Key benefits

  • Dedicated database and server. You will get a server and database dedicated for exclusive use by your organisation only.

  • Customised domain name. The dedicated instance will exist on its own custom domain with a dedicated landing page with custom branding and contact details.

  • Incident response team. We have a cybersecurity incident response team on 24/7/365 retainer with a 13 minute response time for critical incidents.

  • Infrastructure performance & security team. We have a separate team on retainer for 24/7/365 infrastructure performance and security management.

  • Collaborative deployment. We can join your planning workshops to help work out deployment, configuration, and desired software modifications.

Datacenter location options

In addition to our default coverage in Sydney, Australia, we offer coverage in the following regions upon request:

  • Asia Pacific: Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, Osaka-Local, Mumbai, Hong Kong

  • Europe: Frankfurt, Ireland, London, Milan, Paris, Stockholm, Frankfurt

  • North America: Toronto, United States (various cities)

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