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Enterprise Compliance Dashboard (ECD)
Enterprise Compliance Dashboard (ECD)
A high-level, multi-user access, multi-location compliance dashboard with complete oversight, management, remote activation, and data access
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About this feature

This feature is designed to support any level of user access and group access organisational hierarchy and centralised compliance function requirements through direct access, control, and alerts for any number of locations and user groups.

Key functionality

  • Instant search and ordering. Search and order all shown data plus some hidden contextual data such as location tags.

  • Multiple people, locations, and dashboards. Dashboards can be easily created to match any number of organisation chart layers and cross-location needs,

  • Remote management and data download. Create new and activate new locations, update existing locations, and download data from your dashboard.

  • Invite your team. Optionally invite people to manage and access data for individual locations (also see who has accepted the invitations).

  • Restrict functionality for your team. Use our restricted access features to have fine-grained control over what your location managers can access and do.

Compliance alerts

  • Zero check-ins recorded. Shows if a location has been activated but has not yet recorded any check-ins submitted.

  • No activity in 3+ days. Shows if a location has been activated, has recorded at least one check-in, and then has not recorded any check-ins in the last 3+ days.

  • Downloads in the last 3 days. Shows if anyone has downloaded checking data within the last 3 days.

  • Locations not activated. Shows if a location has been created but not yet activated (note: data is automatically deleted after activation).

Usage notes

  • Location access limitation. Currently, only one-non-dashboard user can be assigned to a location. However, that person has access to more than one location and an unlimited number of people can access it via a dashboard.

  • Activation priority. When activating locations, the order of activation methods is as follows: dashboard credits, bulk purchase credits, checkout (credit/debit card).

Using this feature

  • This feature is available for anyone but is available by request only.

  • The dashboard will be set up on the same day.

Please reach out via the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen to get started.

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