About this feature

Enable a checkout flow for your portal where after someone checks in, they are given the option to check out when leaving the location. This feature can also be pried with the location capacity feature to track the number of people inside a location.

Example use cases

  • Government guidelines. Some governments and/or industry sectors require check-in and checkout time tracking in all locations.

  • Employee time tracking. Use this check-in and check-out feature to track employee time spent in the office, and across multiple offices.

Usage notes

  • Multi-person checkout notice. When checking in/out multiple people, a notice is shown with a button to share a check-in link with anyone still in the location.

  • Times and duration. Your data file will now contain check-in time, checkout time, and a duration (time in location) calculation.

  • Multipurpose QR code. The same QR code will be used for people to checking, and for people to checkout. The correct use is automatically determined.

Using this feature

  1. Click the "Edit Location" button

  2. Expand the "Checkout / Capacity" section

  3. Find the "Capture checkout details" section

  4. Turn on the checkbox

  5. Hit "Save"

Setting up a checkout QR code

  1. Print out/display the same QR code used for check-in, and place it on some signage at the exits of your location directing people to checkout

  2. When someone scans any of the QR codes and checks in to a location, their unique check-in identifier will be securely stored on their device.

  3. When some scan any of the QR codes for a second time, they will be shown the opportunity to view their check-in summary, or to checkout.

This unique approach to check-in/check-out tracking allows the same QR code to be used on all check-in and checkout signage but allows you to clearly direct people to check in or checkout based on the layout of your location(s).

  • Capacity management. Manage venue/location capacity/quotas by configuring a maximum number of people/patrons to enter the location at any one time.

  • Automatically expire check-ins. Set a period of time after where check-ins will automatically expire, inform the person of location-based time limitations.

  • Strictly enforce a capacity limit. When using the capacity management feature, you have the option to loosely or strictly enforce a capacity limit.

  • Check-in and check out kiosk. Create a secure, privacy-aware, search portal for people to find their check-in details and to check out using a shared device.


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