About this feature

Enable capacity management tracking for your location with a notice on available capacity shown to people using the check-in screen that is updated in real-time as people check-in and checkout.

Usage notes

  • Requires a checkout data capture feature. This feature relies on data captured by enabling the capture checkout data feature.

  • Multiple email addresses/phone numbers. Provide multiple contact methods separated by commas to deliver the notifications to multiple inboxes/devices.

Using this feature

  1. Click the "Edit Location" button

  2. Expand the "Checkout / Capacity" tab

  3. Set the "Maximum check-in capacity" field

  4. (optional) set the daily checking tally reset hour

  5. (optional) set the email alert email addresses

Disable the feature

Remove the value in the "Maximum check-in capacity" field and hit "Save". This will turn off the capacity management feature entirely.

  • Strictly enforce a capacity limit. When using the capacity management feature, you have the option to loosely or strictly enforce a capacity limit.

  • Capture checkout data. Ask people who have to check in to also check out when leaving the location and track the checkout time and total duration of the visit.

  • Automatically expire check-ins. Set a time period of time after which check-ins will automatically expire, inform the person checking in of location-based time limitations.

  • SMS/Email notifications. Instantly receive automated notifications via email and/or SMS for a variety of notification types.


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