About this feature

Capture and record when someone tries to check in to a location using information that triggers a pre-configured restriction. Also, get instant notification with a summary of the incident to a designated contact method.

Delivery options

  • Email. The email of the user that manages the location will be used by default. You can also specify one or many alternate emails dedicated to these notices.

  • SMS. Optionally specify one or many phone numbers to receive an SMS with summary details of the incident.

  • Real-time dashboard. Get instant red notices on your real-time dashboard (any staff member can access the privacy-aware, real-time dashboard).

Usage notes

  • Multi-delivery method. You cannot pick multiple phone numbers or email addresses to receive notices. If you want this feature, please contact us.

  • Optional red notices. You can pick which restrictions (health questionnaire, postcodes temperature) trigger a red notice to be recorded and sent.

  • Red notice instructions. Provide some custom text to show at the bottom of a red notice to guide the person checking through what happens next.

  • Multiple email addresses/phone numbers. Provide multiple contact methods separated by commas to deliver the notifications to multiple inboxes/devices.

Using this feature

  1. Click the "Edit location" button

  2. Expand the "Red notices" tab

  3. Find the red notice(s) that you'd like to enable

  4. Turn on the checkbox for each red notice you'd like to enable

  5. (optional) Provide a dedicated red notice email address

  6. (optional) Write a custom message to be shown to people with a red notice

  7. Hit "save"


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