Start capturing additional contextual information from the person checking in. The default text asked people checking in is "Company / Department" but this can be changed to whatever you require.

Example user cases

  • Department code. Provide a list of department codes to choose from

  • Company & title. Capture someone's company details when checking in.

  • Visitor group. Assign visitors into pre-specified groups or cohorts.

Usage notes

  • Default configuration. By default, this field is a free text field that validates to ensure at least one character has been provided by the user.

  • Pre-defined options. You can provide up to 12 pre-defined, clickable options that replace the free text field. Contact us if you require more than 12 options.

  • Not saved to pre-fill next time. When a user saves their data, answers provided here are not saved, and therefore pre-filled on the next scan.

  • Multiple selection options. By default, people will only be able to select one option. You can change this to allow one or many options to be selected.

Using this feature

  1. Click the "Edit Location" button

  2. Expand the “Company/Department” tab

  3. Find the "Company/Department details" section

  4. Turn on the checkbox

  5. (optional) Modify the "Department/Company text" section

  6. (optional) Provide up to 12 predefined, selectable options (separated with ", ")

  7. Hit "Save"


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