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By default, check-ins do not expire. This is suitable for most use cases however high traffic locations with set periods of time such as cinemas, churches, and so on require a solution to help optimise capacity management numbers in time blocks.

Usage notes

  • The person is made aware. At the top of the success screen, and in the main summary, the person checking in is shown the expiration click time.

  • Extend a check-in time period. After 15 minutes, people already checked in will be able to extend their check-in time by 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

  • Extension upper bound. A person seeking to extend their check-in time period allowed cannot extend their total check-in time beyond the maximum amount.

  • Total extension count/time. The total number of times the check-in has been extended, and the total extension time is shown on the success page.

  • Current capacity tally. When a check-in has automatically expired, the current capacity limit will decrease by the number of people associated with the check-in.

  • Download information. When downloading data the expiry date and time will be shown, along with the number of times and the total time the check-in was extended.

  • View summary of time remaining. A person who is already checked in can scan a check-in QR code (whilst already checked in) to view their check-in summary.

  • Multiple email addresses/phone numbers. Provide multiple contact methods separated by commas to deliver the notifications to multiple inboxes/devices.

  • Your responsibility. It is your responsibility to manage your current location capacity tally. You should have processes in place to ensure people are not staying in your location after their check-in has automatically expired.

Using this feature

  1. Click the "Edit location" button

  2. Expand the "Checkout / Capacity" tab

  3. Find the "Auto-expire check-ins" section

  4. Change the number to any value (value must be in minutes)

  5. Hit "Save"

Disable the feature

Remove the value in the "Auto-expire check-ins" field and hit "Save". This will turn off the auto-expire feature entirely. This will not impact check-ins that have been created prior to this feature being disabled.

  • Capacity management. Manage venue/location capacity/quotas by configuring a maximum number of people/patrons to enter the location at any one time.

  • Capture checkout data. Ask people who have to check in to also check out when leaving the location and track the checkout time and total duration of the visit.

  • SMS/Email notifications. Instantly receive automated notifications via email and/or SMS for a variety of notification types


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