Feature Update #15 - 7 May 2021

🚨 SMS emergency announcements (read more)

Instantly broadcast a text message (SMS) for both emergency and non-emergency use cases to all people currently checked in to a location. Also, integrates with real-time panel for checking off recipients.

✏️ Customisable, expandable question (read more)

This is our fourth custom question, with a slight difference. The visitor sees link that when tapped exposes a hidden input field with an additional paragraph of text to provide further context to guide for the correct input.

πŸ“ Improved in-form link user experience

Recently a customer reached out to us mentioning people were often missing the checkin multiple people link. We investigated this, tested different solutions, and released an improved design for in-form links.



We love building new technology for our customers, even if they are not directly related to contact tracing. This is why we started Comply Group.

Two weeks ago, one of our customers replied to a feature update email saying they need a solution for keeping their driver's safe on long journey's between work sites, and to meet industry compliance recommendations.

We designed, built, and delivered a brand new solution to meet some these specific requirements in under two weeks. The product is currently being used in the field and we're excited to be launching it publicly today.

πŸš— Journey Management System (read more)

Help your workforce stay safe when travelling to, from and during employment with auto-escalation notifications, dynamic ETA tracking, and a real-time organisation-wide journey escalation tracking dashboard.

Feature Update #14 - 7 April 2021

πŸ”’ Multi-Factor Authentication (read more)

Protect your data by enabling a second layer of authentication security on your account using a Time-based, One-Time Password (TOTP).

πŸ‘‹ Capture meeting details (read more)

Add the ability for a person checking in to a location to say who they are meeting and/or provide details about their meeting.

πŸ”„ Real-time panel auto refresh (read more)

Previously the real-time panel auto-refresh feature would reload the page every 3 seconds. This has now been upgraded to update in real-time.

βœ‰οΈ Email notifications are cc'd (read more)

Previously notifications emails with multiple recipients were received individually (to). Now, all recipients will be cc'd in a single email.

Feature Update #13 - 18 February 2021

πŸ“±SMS check-in is now live (read more)

Every location (existing and new) now has a unique 6-digit SMS code that can be used for customers/staff to check in at your locations.

This provides an accessible check-in option that works alongside your QR Code, as an alternate method for checking in.

All existing and new locations can access the phone number and their unique SMS code via the "Location overview" page.

Feature Update #12 - 16 February 2021

πŸ–₯ Permanent kiosk mode (read more)

This feature allows you to permanently change a device into a dedicated kiosk by turning off personal features (e.g. save check-in data, save screenshot summary) and to prompt hiding their check-in details to finish.

✏️ Custom summary banner text (read more)

After checking in, the default message shown at the top of a check-in summary is "Show this screen to staff". This message can be changed to provide the exact required guidance to people checking in at your location.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Checkin multiple people (read more)

Since July last year, you could check in multiple together by individually adding their names. Now you can alternatively check in people by providing a single number of people. Perfect for high-traffic venues and large groups.

β›‘ Short, two-question health assessment (read more)

We have intrigued a new, two-part health questionnaire as a third questionnaire type that can be asked. This questionnaire also comes with a question with customisable text for a question that can trigger a red notice.

πŸ’» Real-time panel updates (read more)

Previously when checking in people via the panel on their behalf, the new window would stay open after a check-in. Now, this will automatically close. We have also implemented an optional, 3-second auto-refresh feature.

🏒 Multi-user access management (read more)

For customers using our Enterprise Compliance Dashboard (ECD) functionality, you now have the ability to manage other ECD admins and to manage delegated access on a per-location basis.

Feature Update #11 - 13 January 2021

πŸŽ‰ We acquired GuestCheck Australia (read more)

GuestCheck Australia is a Melbourne-based guest management platform that focussed heavily on SMS-based check-in technology. SMS-based check-ins are now available to all Comply Group customers.

πŸš€ Real-time panels (read more)

You can access your check in and checkout data in real-time from ay device without requiring an app. You can also securely share access to your staff without them requiring a login and password user account.

πŸ–₯ Self-service check-in & checkout kiosk (read more)

Using the real-time Panel feature, you can turn the panel into a privacy-aware, a publicly accessible portal that can be loaded onto a shared tablet or computer where people can check in and checkout without their own device.

⏰ Virtual queue/waiting room (read more)

When using the real-time Panel feature, you will now have the option to put all new check-ins into a virtual waiting room. These check-ins can be accepted or rejected and will update the person checking in real-time.

πŸ“ Pen and paper manual data entry (read more)

Manually enter/upload check-in and checkout data that has been captured using pen and paper to keep all records in a digital format. Provide a custom check-in (and checkout) time and date to accurately add historical data.

βœ‹ Strictly enforce capacity limit (read more)

Previously capacity limits would be clearly displayed but would still allow people to check in. Now you can strictly enforce capacity limits and prevent new check-ins from being allowed until there is available capacity.

β™₯️ Custom "close contact" definition (read more)

States and territories are changing their definition of close contact regularly. It's important to explain this definition to people competing for your interactive health questionnaire so we have now made this customisable/removable.

🏒 Limited access for location managers (read more)

For customers using our Enterprise Compliance Dashboard (ECD) feature, there are now three new options available to give fine-grained access control over what the location managers are able to do per location basis.

Feature Update #10 - 5 December 2020

πŸ“±SMS/Email notifications (read more)

You can now receive a series of notifications instantly via email and/or SMS to one or many email addresses and/or phone numbers. Each of these notifications is not enabled by default.

  • Red notices. When red notices are enabled, receive an instant SMS/Email with the check-in details.

  • Auto-expiry. When a check-in automatically expires (and it hasn't been checked out) yet, receive an instant SMS/Email with check-in details.

  • New check-in. Every time a new check-in is created, receive an instant SMS/Email with check-in details.

  • Capacity alerts. When your venue reaches or exceeds its maximum capacity, receive an instant SMS/Email with the check-in details.

Feature Update #9 - 30 November 2020

πŸ‘‹ Checkout QR codes (read more)

A hotly requested feature, the ability to scan a QR code to check out in case the checking summary page was lost. I was hesitant to deliver this request immediately because it felt a bit messy to manage two QR codes.

After a lot of experimentation, we landed on upgrading all existing QR codes (no need to print new/multiple QR codes) to dynamically work out if someone is already checked in to the current location or not.

This means when someone scans a QR code for a location where they are already checked in, they can immediately checkout or view/recover their check-in summary details again.

This feature will automatically start working straight away without any configuration required. Optionally, you can print out the same check-in QR code and prompt people to scan it when they are leaving if desired.

πŸ’» Self-service mode (read more)

You can now enable self-service mode on your location, which will disable functionality that shouldn't be available for a shared check-in device such as; save check-in details, scare-hot off check-in summary, etc.

πŸ’‘Disable check-in other people (read more)

In some use cases, it doesn't make sense to allow people to check in and then prompt them to check in someone else on their check-in summary page. When required, this button can now be disabled.

Feature Update #8 - 5 November 2020

πŸ’‘ Smarter save details logic (read more)

After saving your details for pre-filling, each time you submit a form your emails will be updated if they changed, and the expiration period will be extended 28 days after the most recent check-in.

πŸ₯ Saved health questionnaire (read more)

If you have completed any of the health questionnaires in Comply Group, and then scan a QR code with the same health questionnaire that you have already completed, you will not be asked to retake the questionnaire.

⏰ Auto-expire check-ins (read more)

You can now automatically expire check-ins after a period of time. People checking in can also extend their check-in period in small time blocks if required. Expiring check-ins will automatically reduce your check-in tally.

πŸ“Έ Save check-in summary to photo album (read more)

Link on check-in success screen to automatically take a screenshot of the check-in summary page. We are releasing these features as a public beta, and please let us know if you notice any issues whilst using this feature.

βœ… Optional multiple select for predefined options

All of the customisable questions (internal location, purpose of entry, additional identification details) now have an additional option to enable people checking in to select one or more options.

🚨 Location capacity alert notification (read more)

You can now set one or many email addresses to receive instant alert notifications if a location has reached or exceeded its capacity limit with people currently checked in.

βœ‰οΈ New check-in notification (read more)

Instantly receive an email containing high-level information only (name and number of dependents) each time someone checks into a location. Optionally, you can provide multiple email addresses

βœ‹ Multi-email red notices (read more)

You can now configure multiple email addresses to receive red notices. We're still working on the SMS-based red notices solution and plan to have further updates about that in the coming weeks.

Feature Update #7 - 21 October 2020

πŸ›‘ Dynamic, instant "Red Notices" (read more)

Make a record of, and get instant alerts for non-compliant check-ins via email (phone and dashboard coming soon). There's a lot of configuration options here including; set custom instructions for non-compliant check-ins set a dedicated email for the alerts, choose the tracked red notice types, etc.

ℹ️ Capture purpose of entry information (read more)

Turn on a new field to capture information related to the person's purpose of entry. For example, provide options like "Staff, Customer, Contractor" etc. The field question text is fully editable and optionally can change from a free text field to predefined (up to 12), selectable options.

πŸ†” Capture additional identity details (read more)

Turn on a new field to capture information related to the person creating the check-in. For example, you can collect their "Department", "Company & Position", etc. The field question text is fully editable and optionally can change from a free text field to predefined (up to 12), selectable options.

β™₯️ DHHS Staff Health Questionnaire (read more)

The current implementation of our interactive health questionnaire is based on best practice COVID-19 related questions for general-purpose use. In Victoria, DHHS has a different health check questionnaire specifically for checking in staff which we have now built into the platform.

βœ… Multi-person check-in enabled with a health questionnaire

Previously the multi-person check-in feature couldn't be enabled at the same time as the health questionnaire because health questionnaires should be self-declarative. Now we've added additional messaging to communicate this and enabled the multi-person feature so you can check in dependents.

Feature Update #6 - 19 October 2020

πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί Global servers moved to Australia πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

We have always been, and will always be fully compliant with Australian Privacy Principles (APP). To further our commitment to data privacy and protection for Australian businesses, governments, and individuals, as of ~2 am last night we migrated our global infrastructure to Sydney, Australia.

This means all data for existing Australian customers, and all data for future Australian customers of Comply Group will be 100% created, managed, and stored within Australia's borders. This is an important move for us to maintain our position as the leading contact tracing solution in Australia.

From a GDPR perspective, nothing changes. We remain committed to maintaining parity with GDPR, no matter where our infrastructure is.

Lastly, this move is exciting for another reason, Comply Group is growing in customer usage by ~250% per week at the minute. This transition has decreased load time by ~3x and provides near-unlimited scale potential.

Feature Update #5 - 15 October 2020

πŸ“ Capturing and filtering postcodes (read more)

We launched a feature with a field dedicated to collecting postcodes. Optionally, you can choose to only allow postcodes from a specific list (all other postcodes rejected), or reject postcodes from the list.

nb// this feature has been specifically designed to support rural VIC businesses

Feature Update #4 - 7 October 2020

βœ… Selectable internal location options (read more)

Up until now if you wanted to capture internal location data it was captured in an unguided free text field. This option is still available, but now you can provide up to eight pre-defined clickable internal locations.

βœ‹ Custom footnote/attribution message (read more)

Add a block of custom text (with links) to the bottom of the check-in portal. Useful for providing additional guidance or context, a link to important information, a traditional landowner attribution statement, etc.

Feature update #3 - 23 September 2020

πŸ‘‹ New integrated checkout (read more)

Up until now if you wanted to capture people checking in and then checking out, you would have to set up two separate; locations, QR codes, and data download files. As of today that is no longer the case.

  • Capture checkout time and track total time in location per person

  • Works with the multi-user check-in feature (multi-person checkout)

  • Works from a single QR code and flow (fully integrated)

Note: If you are already using the current checkout implementation feature and prefer to switch to this one, you're eligible to receive an activation credit per checkout location that you are no longer going to be using.

βœ‹ Location capacity management (read more)

If your location has capacity limitations, you can now set the upper limit for your location and when people are checking in the current capacity will be shown when checking in with a note to contact the staff if it is over capacity.

  • Set an hour each day to reset the checking tally to 0

  • Manually override the check-in tally if people forget to checkout

  • Works with the multi-person check-in feature

Feature Update #2 - 21 September 2020

πŸ—‘Disable automatic data deletion (read more)

In some use cases (checking in staff, replacing a visitor logbook, etc) it makes sense to not automatically delete data captured using Comply Group. You can now disable automatic data deletion in location settings.

πŸ›  The location settings page has been improved

We've been knocking out new feature requests around the clock and consequently, the location edit page was becoming a bit unwieldy. We've now introduced settings categories that can be managed individually.

πŸ’Ό Disclaimer terminology has been updated

We have removed the terminology "Disclaimer" and replaced it with "Conditions of Entry". In the context of use, the terminology is interchangeable however "Conditions of Entry" is more accessible.

🏒 Enterprise plans now available (read more)

To support growing demand from large corporate and local/state government organisations seeking to use Comply Group, we now support enterprise-grade data control and access requirements.

βœ… Enterprise Compliance Dashboard (read more)

For organisations with 20+ locations and for all enterprise customers, we have rolled out a central dashboard offering multi-user management access and multi-location compliance alert tracking.

Feature update #1 - 1 September 2020

βœ… Interactive Health Questionnaire (read more)

This is a massive feature! You can enable it in your location settings which will ask a series of questions to confirm if the person is either symptomatic or should be in isolation. If they fail the questionnaire they will be told not to enter the location and the check-in will not be allowed to complete.

🌑 Temperature check question (read more)

You can now capture someone's temperature in the check-in portal. After a person knows what their temperature is, they can record it in the portal. You can optionally set lower and upper limits that will tell the person not to enter the location if they exceed the pre-configured values.

πŸ†” Capture identification details (read more)

You can now optionally capture identification details from someone checking in, and you can change the text to ask for a specific type of identification. This is great for employers or educational institutions that want to capture employee/student ID as part of the check-in process.

πŸ“΅ Disable contact details collection (read more)

This can be used in combination with the "Capture identification details" feature where if you do not want to ask a person checking in for their contact details because you can easily find these based on their identification number and name.

πŸ›  Custom background icons (read more)

Sick of looking at burgers, cocktails, and basketballs in the background of your check-in portal? Me too! So I changed the icons to medical icons but also opened up the ability for you to pick your own set of icons. There are 7848 icons to choose from so get creative!

πŸšͺCapturing when people leave (read more)

You can set up a second location with the same address, and configure it to behave as a "checkout" portal instead of a "check-in" portal. This allows you to track customers entering and leaving, therefore, minimising the customers needed to be contacted in the unfortunate event of an outbreak.

⏬ Unlimited download size (read more)

The platform struggled with downloading a lot of check-ins for a location at a single time (several thousand check-ins or more in a single download). I've now implemented a new process that will support an unlimited number of check-ins being processed and packaged into a single download.

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