Comply Group has created a professional contact tracing tool for businesses, governments, and organisations. It has been built with business owners and department managers in mind who have complex venue requirements or spaces to manage, or oversee multiple locations and need visibility across their organisations to comply with contact tracing and capacity management.

Comply Group vs Free Commercial Applications

What we've found is that the majority of free of charge options are fairly limited with their scope, and usually struggle with adapting to changing rules or unique check-in situations that may arise. If you'd like to have a read through this link below, it gives an overview of what we have built here at Comply Group and the types of features our software provides 😊

We've also seen that a lot of free of charge options are used as lead generation for other software products that those companies own, whereas Comply Group's Check-In Portal has been built for contact tracing purposes only and does not use check-in data collected for any other purpose.

There have also been situations where the data collected by free of charge solutions has been used for marketing purposes, in conflict with Australian Privacy Principles (APP) and the Privacy Act 1988. Our data is used solely for contact tracing.

See here for details about how we comply with state and federal privacy principles.

Comply Group vs State Government Applications

State government contact tracing apps are great and extremely helpful for smaller businesses re-opening that require only one QR code for visitors to be recorded such as cafes, small restaurants, hair and beauty services, and other businesses with simple contact tracing needs.

Comply Group's Check-In Portal has been built to meet a very strong customer demand from businesses, government departments, and organisations with multiple locations or spaces to manage and need visibility to oversee and manage compliance. There has also been a lot of demand for features to solve complexity around the different venue and location types, different and changing requirements for staff vs visitor check-ins, recording of time spent on-premises, shift worker health attestation requirements that exist in some states, and much more.

A list of features we have built from customer demand can be found here:

Our goal has been to build a solution that just works, no matter which state your business operates from, or what kind of complex needs your organisation has.

That being said, we still have large numbers of pubs, cafes, restaurants, etc choosing as their contact tracing solution as these same complexities can appear in their workplaces as well. Capacity management, start and end of shifts, and multiple annexes within a single location are just some of the features that we have built-in which have allowed many establishments to operate smoothly under their current state government guidelines.

We've also noticed that there is a strong demand from our customers that their clients and customers are very wary of exactly where their data goes and who sees it. Government solutions often hold all of the data and people have concerns around which government departments will be able to access that information.

The way Comply Comply operates regarding your data is that you only share your customer's details with contact tracing teams in your state when requested by the health department, and we don't get involved in the process. There is also an automatic deletion of your data after a 28 day period (56 if you are from Queensland) as per each State Government's guidelines.

With our platform continuously evolving to meet changing demands of various compliance rules in different states and the ever-growing intricacies that arise we have seen a huge uptake from industries such as construction, real estate, community centres, sporting organisations, shopping centres and NFP organisations where the state government QR code applications haven't met the needs they require to remain compliant.

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