Customer support

General support

This refers to requests such as help understanding how to use features. This does not include cases where something is not working, nor not working as expected.

  • Help centre (click here) • 24/7 access to comprehensive FAQs & feature guides

  • Phone number (1300 264 822) • Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm AEST/AEDT (Mel, AU)

  • Online chat (all web pages) • Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm AEST/AEDT (Mel, AU)

  • Email ([email protected]) • Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm AEST/AEDT (Mel, AU)

Note// National Australian and State of Victoria holiday periods are observed. For critical incident reporting out of hours or on public holidays, please review the critical incident tagging and reporting process below.

Critical incident support

The chances of a critical incident occurring and the Comply Group team not being aware of it before a customer is are slim at best. We have implemented a variety of safeguards in place to ensure maximum uptime is achieved 24/7.

  • Performance/security monitoring. We have a 24/7 team that continuously monitors server/database performance and apply edge security updates.

  • Full-stack automated alerting. At every layer of our application and infrastructure, we have 24/7 issue monitoring and alerting installed.

Where a critical issue has been identified and it is unresolved and not currently documented as "under investigation" on our status page, feel free to contact the team via one of the channels above.

If the incident is identified out of office hours, please contact us via online chat using one of the key phrases "critical incident" at the start of your message to trigger an out-of-hours escalation policy and review by our team.

Software updates

We release new versions of the software regularly. Often, multiple times per day. All of our software updates use a blue-green deployment strategy meaning there is zero downtime when we deploy new updates.

We do not communicate in advance when new updates are released. We release the updates, carefully monitor user behaviour to ensure the features are being used as expected, and then send out an email with updates and links to the user guide.

Response time commitments

Feature requests

Generally, we will not communicate specific dates for releasing new features. If you would like a strong indication of when a feature will be made available, please reach get in touch with us and we can openly let you know where it falls on our priority list.

Non-critical issues

A non-critical issue is defined as something that doesn't work as expected, but the non-functional state is not directly impeding the code functionality of the platform. For these issues, we will not commit to a particular timeframe for resolution, but we will commit to delivering a resolution when it's appropriate for us to do so.

For example, in the past, we have a high-level reporting feature that would report on check-ins for a day. This feature used the incorrect timezone for some locations. The data was available via download and a separate summary box therefore this was a non-critical issue (as the data to determine the same information was available elsewhere). We disabled this feature until it was fixed and then re-enabled it.

Critical issues

A critical issue is defined as something that doesn't work and is preventing core functionality in the platform from being used. When this happens (albeit it is very rare), we will drop everything we're doing and put all immediate effort into a resolution.

Note for Enterprise customers: If a critical incident is identified it will be communicated with the enterprise customer within 30 minutes of discovery. Enterprise customers will be updated every 30 minutes until a resolution has been discovered and implemented. A high-level post-mortem will also be shared.

Bespoke enterprise commitments

Customers who have engaged Comply Group via an enterprise agreement are eligible for additional/modified commitments to meet their respective policies. Unless specified elsewhere, the above policies are employed by default.

  • Direct access to executives. Enterprise customers are provided the direct mobile phone number for both the CEO and COO of Comply Group. For critical incidents, both executives will make themselves available 24/7.

  • Advanced notice for updates. Rather than receive updates as quickly as they are available, the updates can be delayed by a specific time period to provide advanced notice prior to release (does not apply to security/privacy updates).

  • Custom incident response process. Where appropriate to do so, the Incident Response (IR) protocols can be modified to suit specific requirements.

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