About this feature

Some organisations may want to monitor check-ins in real-time to verify everyone is providing their details, manage capacity restrictions, provide a concierge check-in service, or provide a self-service kiosk for people checking in and checking out.

Early access: This feature has been in early beta and is now ready for general use. In June a monthly fee will be introduced for continued use.

Use cases

  • Reception/waiting areas. Verify that each person entering the location has provided their details and checked in correctly.

  • Events & high traffic venues. Manage capacity in real-time and put people queuing to enter a location into a virtual waiting room.

  • Non-QR code users. Provide concierge check-in/checkout services for people without a device or requiring assistance (e.g. elderly) with checking in.

  • Critical care facilities. View and manage (triage) people that fail a health questionnaire in real-time in aged care and medical facilities.

Usage notes

  • Limited access role. Limit access to the portal via a unique passphrase for staff/security personnel to access the portal without requiring users' accounts.

  • Waiting room. Put new check-ins in a waiting room where their access can be approved or rejected via the portal with real-time updates on their device.

  • Concierge for check-in/checkout. Check in and check out people on their behalf, and view people who have checked out or auto-expired.

  • Unique QR code and URL. Similar to the QR code and URL for a check-in portal, each real-time Panel has a unique QR code and URL that can be shared with staff,

  • Red notices. View red notices in real-time in their own section at the top of the portal and triage them one at a time once they have been investigated.

  • Self-service portal. Enable self-service mode to allow people to check-in/checkout themselves and to hide personal details.

  • Hide checkout & auto-expiry details. If not required, hide the list of people checked-out people and/or the list of check-ins that have automatically expired.

  • Custom background colour. Customise the background colour of the real-time portal using a hex value e.g. #009999 (use the Google colour picker).

  • Works on mobile/tablet/desktop. This portal is designed to respond automatically to the device's screen size to provide a great experience.

  • Auto-refresh. Whilst the updates are real-time, the screen remains static telling you updates are available. Optionally, you can also instantly update the screen.

Using this feature

  1. Head to your location overview page

  2. Find the green box called "Real-time panel"

  3. Click the "Create real-time panel" button

  4. Click the "Create panel" button

  5. (optional) Click "Edit panel" to change the panel's settings

  6. Click the "Open/view panel" link (to the right of the "Download PNG QRcode" link)

  • Security settings. Secure access to your real-time check-in portal using a unique, resettable passphrase delivered automatically via email to your team

  • Virtual queue/waiting room. Manage location/venue capacity in real-time by placing new check-ins in a waiting room where they can be approved or rejected.

  • Real-time self-service portal. Turn your real-time check-in data management portal into a publicly accessible, privacy-aware, secure self-service portal.

  • Capture checkout data. Ask people who have to check in to also check out when leaving the location and track the checkout time and total duration of the visit.

  • Automatically expire check-ins. Set a time period of time after which check-ins will automatically expire, inform the person checking in of location-based time limitations.

  • Instant "Red Notice" recording and alerts. Capturing and storing check-in attempts that meet failing criteria with instant notifications.

  • Location capacity management. Manage location capacity by configuring a maximum number of people/patrons to enter the location at any one time.


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