About this feature

Allow people to manage their own check in and checkout process without requiring each person to have or use their own device for doing so. Set up the panel on a shared mobile, tablet, and/or desktop computer.

Early access: This feature has been in early beta and is now ready for general use. In June a monthly fee will be introduced for continued use.

Usage notes

  • Requires real-time panels. This feature only works when a real-time panel has been created for the location requiring a virtual waiting room.

  • Hide checkout & auto-expiry details. If not required, hide the list of people checked and/or the list of check-ins that have automatically expired.

  • Designed to be privacy-aware. When the self-service mode is enabled, the ability to view check-in details is disabled to protect other entrants' privacy.

  • Works with the QR code. If desired, you can also still use the QR code for people to check in with their own device. Their check-in data will also show on the portal.

  • Supports multiple portals. There is no limit to the number of portals that can access the self-service portal. No configuration per device is required either.

Using this feature

  1. Head to your panel overview page

  2. Click "Edit panel"

  3. Find the "Display settings" section

  4. Find the "Enable self-service mode" checkbox

  5. Turn on the checkbox

  6. Hit the "Save" button

  • Real-time check-in data portal. Staff can view check-in/checkout data in real-time and customers can check in via a privacy-ware, secure public check-in portal.

  • Capture checkout data. Ask people who have to check in to also check out when leaving the location and track the checkout time and total duration of the visit.

  • Location capacity management. Manage location capacity by configuring a maximum number of people/patrons to enter the location at any one time.


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