This app was developed in our Safety and Accessibility Lab to further our commitment to making our products as accessible as possible for everyone.

About this application

This is a free, secure, privacy-focused QR Code scanning and check-in application. This will help anyone without a QR code-enabled camera-phone to scan QR Codes. There are no ads, no in-app purchases, and your data never leaves your device.

Key features

  • Privacy-focussed. Data collected on your device stays on your device. This app is exclusively designed to provide you with a personal record of your check-ins.

  • Enables QR code scanning. Enable QR Code scanning on any Apple or Android (Samsung, Google, etc) device regardless if your device supports it out-of-the-box.

  • Works with any QR Code. This will work with almost any QR Code from any government or private QR code provider (not just Comply Group).

  • Add additional information. After checking, you can add additional data including; address (GPS optional), notes, check in/out time, title, etc.

  • GPS address lookup. After the first time you enable GPS functionality, each time you scan a QR code, the address will automatically be captured and added.

  • Automatically generate screenshots. To make historical records meaningful, screenshots of your check in will be saved (government QR Codes excluded).

  • QR Code link saved. Also, to make historical records meaningful, the URL for QR Code is saved so you can view the check-in website for later reference.

  • Automated security checks. Before the website a QR Code leads is opened, a series of security checks are run to ensure the website will protect your data.

Government check-in apps & sites

All QR Codes generated by government organisations will not be open in a browser inside the application. Government QR codes typically lead to a Government-sponsored application to complete a check-n unlike other web-based providers.

🇦🇺 Australian government QR Code coverage

  • New South Wales: supports both Apple and Android

  • Tasmania: supports both Apple and Android

  • Northern Territory: supports both Apple and Android

  • South Australia: supports both Apple and Android

  • Queensland: supports both Apple and Android

  • Victoria*: supports only Android

  • Western Australia*: supports neither platform

*Limitations in Victoria and Western Australia are not a result of our platform lacking coverage, but rather are a result of limitations introduced intentionally or otherwise in how these applications have been constructed.

🌏 Other government QR Code coverage

We have designed this app to intelligently determine if a QR code has been granted by the government or not. It should work in most cases with any government QR Code across the globe but is largely untested. Please reach out if you identify any issues.

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