This feature was developed in our Safety and Accessibility Lab to further our commitment to making our products as accessible as possible for everyone.

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About NFC Touchpoints

Near-Field Communication (NFC) sensors are low-cost, waterproof, shock-resistant sensors the size of a 50c coin that can be placed anywhere in your location e.g. tables at a cafe, desks in an office, and so on.

Instead of scanning QR codes, people can simply hold their device near the sensor which will immediately show a URL on the phone (same as scanning a QR Code) directing the person to your existing online check-in form.

Eligible devices

Most devices created since 2014 have this capability (see the full list here). That said, similar to QR codes, not all people realise their phone may have this capability and some phones require it to be enabled via the phone's settings.

  • Most Apple iPhone's created from September 2014 onwards

  • Most Samsung devices created in March 2012 onwards

  • Most Google devices created in December 2010 onwards

Importantly, an app is NOT required for a person to use an NFC sensor.

Comparing NFC and QR Codes

Whilst the QR Codes meet state and territory requirements for digital contact tracing, they can be cumbersome for some people to use and the process of opening a camera or app to scan the code can lead to queues.

An unlocked phone when waved past or tapped on to an NFC sensor will immediately present a link to open the check-in URL providing a superior check-in experience with the reduced time commitment to achieve compliance.

Programming an NFC Touchpoint

  1. Download our NFC touchpoint app (Apple App Store and Google Play Store)

  2. Open the app, and tap "the blue Get started" button

  3. Scan the QR code you'd like to link to your NFC Touchpoints

  4. Confirm the URL and then tap "Continue"

  5. Grab an NFC Touchpoint and click "Setup Touchpoint"

  6. Follow the steps to program and lock the NFC Touchpoint

  7. (optional) Repeat steps 5. and 6. for all of your NFC Touchpoints

  8. When finished tap "Finish setup" below the "Setup Touchpoint" button

  9. Peel the sticky label off the back of each NFC Touchpoint and stick in place

  10. (optional) Create, print, and append instructions for how to use


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