This feature was developed in our Safety and Accessibility Lab to further our commitment to making our products as accessible as possible for everyone.

About this feature

You may want to set up a shared device such as a tablet, phone, or computer to allow people to check in without requiring their own device. This experience means the check-in summary won't stay after check-in and form with not pre-fill personal data.

Usage notes

  • Extra step. After filling in the form, the person is still shown the check-in summary page but is also shown a button prompting them to click it to hide their details.

  • Personal functionality disabled. The ability to save details to pre-fill the check-in form next time and the ability to create a summary page screenshot are disabled.

  • Permanent fixture. The dedicated check-in kiosk mode is permanent for the browser/device it is enabled on, but not other devices allowing usage as normal.

  • Cookies & private browsing. The device used for the kiosk must have cookies enabled and must not be using a browser in private browsing/incognito mode.

  • Auto-close check-in summary. After completing a check in the summary page will only show for a maximum of 30 seconds before auto-hiding the person's details.

  • Check-in search portal integration. Connect the check-in search portal to allow people to securely find their unique check in summary and then checkout.

Using this feature

Step 1. On the dedicated check-in device, find your location's check-in portal URL. This will look something similar to

Step 2. In the URL bar, modify the URL to include "?kiosk=true" after the URL. This will look something like this:

Step 3. Navigate (on the shared device) to the modified URL. The kiosk mode automation will start working immediately.

Turning this feature off. To disable kiosk mode on a device, you will have to clear the cookies for in your device's browser settings.

Related features

  • Real-time self-service portal. Turn your real-time check-in data management portal into a publicly accessible, privacy-aware, secure self-service portal.

  • Check-in and check out kiosk. Create a secure, privacy-aware, search portal for people to find their check-in details and to check out using a shared device.

  • Automatically expire check-ins. Set a period of time after where check-ins will automatically expire, inform the person of location-based time limitations.


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