About this feature

This feature allows a single person checking in to your location to provide a single set of contact details and append multiple other people to their check-in. Check your government guidelines before enabling this feature.

Note, this feature check-ins people individually by capturing their names. Instead, you can check in people by the number of people only - read more here

Example use cases

  • High traffic venues. Allow people to easily check in in minors, family members, and technically or otherwise challenged as quickly as possible.

  • School/tour groups. For locations with large groups transmitting in and out of locations, have a tour guide or teacher check everyone in using their details.

Usage notes

  • Included in export. When exporting data, the quantity of people checked in together will be included in the export.

  • Upper limitation. The maximum number of people added to a single check-in using this method is 100.

Using this feature

  1. Click the "Edit Location" button

  2. Expand the "Multiple people" tab

  3. Find the "Multi-person capture (number of people)" section

  4. Turn on the checkbox

  5. Hit "Save"

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