About this feature

Ask a series of yes/no COVID-19 related questions in every check-in that educate people about the virus' symptoms and potential "exposure", and if not answered correctly, prevent the person from checking in to a location.

Example use cases

  • Education institutions. Ask every student and staff member to complete the health questionnaire when they enter your locations

  • Employers. Follow government guidelines by asking for a health check questionnaire before they start each shift at your locations.

Usage notes

  • Enforcement messages. If the person answers yes, one of two messages will be presented; "you are symptomatic", "you may be an exposure threat".

  • Information display. On the success screen, a "health check has passed" notice will be shown. In the check-in data file, each answer will be individually shown.

  • Red notices. Optionally collect (and be notified) of all submissions (including fails to pass the health questionnaire). To achieve this, enable a Red Notice.

  • Custom exposure question. Customise the exposure-related question text to meet your exact requirements (e.g. add an interstate or red zone clause).

Legal notes

  • Use it at your own discretion. Ensure that before you use this feature it behaves and is worded in a way that is compliant with your industry/state guidelines.

Using this feature

  1. Click the "Edit Location" button

  2. Expand the "Health details" tab

  3. Find the "Enable health questionnaire (short, 2 questions)" section

  4. Turn on the checkbox

  5. (optional) Find and modify the "Customise the "exposure" question" section

  6. Hit "Save"

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