About this feature

When using our Enterprise Compliance Dashboard (ECD) functionality, you will have additional access to managing the users in your organisation. This includes managing the users at your level in the ECD and managing delegated access to each location.

Usage notes

  • Requires an ECD. Delegation of location management and managing ECD admins require you have an ECD containing your locations.

  • Invitation management. Send invitations, and revoke sent invitations for all users at any level in your organisation.

  • ECD access control. Add and remove users to the list of people that can manage an ECD and all locations therein.

  • Location access. Delegate management of one or more locations to a specific person, and add per-location user control/access limitations.

Using this feature

ECD admins

  1. Head to your ECD.

  2. Click the "Manage access" link

  3. In here you can: invite an admin, revoke an invitation, remove a current admin

Location managers

  1. Head to your ECD.

  2. Find the location you'd like to add a location manager to

  3. Click the "invite" link under the column header "Manager"

  4. After inviting someone you can: revoke an invitation, remove a current admin

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