Comply Group is an Australian-based platform created to help solve a real problem in Australia where state governments across the country implemented various different rules for keeping attendance records to help with contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital record-keeping was only made mandatory in some states before any government check-in apps were available, the required time to keep records on file was different from state to state, and privacy concerns were front of mind for those checking in.

Comply Group was built to streamline the setup and implementation of digital attendance record keeping for businesses, organisations, and government departments of all sizes. We wanted to give business owners confidence they are meeting the new rules and provide a simple and affordable solution that can change over time with the rules.

At a very accessible price point, a business owner or facility manager can generate unique QR codes and start checking in visitors within minutes. With a footprint across hospitality, sports, retail, tourism, offices, and more Comply Group is currently being used at over 6000 locations around Australia and has been proven to enable organisations to quickly set up mandatory contact tracing systems and keep a

secure records of visitors in the case of an outbreak.

Comply Group also supports large enterprises and multi-location implementations where governance, oversight, and reporting are key. We have successfully rolled out to organisations with hundreds of individual locations such as multinational retail chains, university campuses, city-wide municipal buildings, and more. We provide enterprise-grade data servers alongside management dashboards and reporting to give those with responsibility across entire organisations the ability to manage what is happening on the ground. The technology has been built by a team with deep experience in data privacy, data security, and building robust medical technology applications and is supported by an experienced support team and enterprise-grade infrastructure

In addition to thousands of cafes, restaurants, and bars around the country checking in millions of people, a small sample of larger organisations who have rolled out the platform include:

  • The City of Melbourne (municipal and office buildings including pools, gyms, libraries, and office buildings)

  • Lifestyle Communities Retirement Villages

  • Freedom Fuels

  • Dulux Retail Outlets

  • Australian Catholic University

  • Latrobe City Council Public Venues and Offices

  • Medibank Retail and Office Buildings

  • National Veterinary Care Group

  • YMCA Brisbane

  • Oliver Hume Display Villages

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To find out more about the team behind the platform, see our team page here.

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