The team behind Comply Group has a rich history in building and running technology businesses that have security and privacy front of mind, and manage high volumes of data with a focus on consumer-facing and health-related platforms.

Meet the core team below

Ben Richardson - Director & Chief Executive Officer

Ben Richardson is an international speaker and technology leader with a passion for bleeding-edge technologies including Healthtech (particularly mental health), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Computer Vision (CV), and Aerospace Technology.

Having extensive experience running technology businesses across Australia and SE Asia, Ben was most recently the Chief Technology Officer for a $33m federal government health project with data security and privacy being core to the project.

Ben leads the Comply Group business and technology roadmap.

Brendan White - Chief Operating Officer

Brendan is a business leader with 13+ years of experience across enterprise technology, consulting, as well as deep experience in early-stage startup operations and investment.

An alumnus of PricewaterhouseCoopers and Oracle Corporation, he has worked closely with hundreds of organisations, and successfully co-founded and developed four technology organisations over seven years across Australia and SE Asia.

At Comply Group Brendan leads enterprise deployment of the technology, and day-to-day operations of the business.

Harry Sutton - Growth Lead

A growth specialist, Harry has substantial experience in high-volume business development and customer care. Harry leads the team at Comply Group to onboard new organisations and identifies those that need support.

Harry leads our new feature releases and outbound product development taking our latest technology to market and ensuring it finds its way into the hands of those who need it.

Rana Kamali - Software Developer and Customer Engineer Support

Hello my name is Rana , I’m a software developer and a Nutella lover.

I have a background in Multimedia design, with a master degree from Monash University. I'm responsible for developing features, fixing issues and improving our platforms to deliver best results. I analyse the needs of clients, conduct my own research and I deliver potential solutions. In simple terms I make life much easier for my clients.

Travis Low - Product Manager

With a focus on User Experience, Travis has been apart of customer-facing research and development teams working across new and emerging technologies. After graduating from the University of Sydney, with Honours in Design Computing he joined the academic teaching team, facilitating 'Design for Innovation' and the 'Innovation Design Studio'.

As a member of Comply Group, Travis is our Junior Product Manager. He works closely with our customers, taking on their feedback, understanding their needs, and then working with our developers to ensure that these solutions are built, addressing the requirements set out by our customers and ensuring that they seamlessly fit in to our vast platform.

Bill Pearce - Software Developer

Bill has been involved in over 6 years of agency work as a software developer, juggling medium to large clients and projects, ranging from state government-level crowdsourcing platforms, to geo-aware asset management tools.

At Comply Group, Bill works closely with clients and internal stakeholders to determine problems and architect and develop solutions, translating the tricky requirements of business processes into user-friendly digital workflows with business-friendly backends.

Amelia Allan - Content Writer

Before Comply Group, Amelia worked as a technical specialist at the Apple Store where she provided in store and on the phone technical support for customers. Amelia also facilitated workshops to the public, including Apple Camp for kids. Amelia was a part of a specialised mentor team that trained and supported team members with connecting customers' iPhones to carrier plans for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

At Comply Group, Amelia is a content writer and customer support specialist. Amelia writes marketing material for digital campaigns, FAQs, user guides and blog articles, as well as implementing social media strategy. Amelia conducts case study interviews with existing customers, as well as providing technical support and answering queries via Comply Group's online chat system.

Amelia has a passion for all things music-related and has completed a Bachelor of Music with a major in Songwriting. This year she has been recording her debut EP which is set to be released in 2023.

Jessica Chadakorn - Human Resources

Jess is passionate about mental health and is currently completing her Masters of Clinical Psychology. Before joining Comply Group she lived and worked in Bangkok as the Head of Human Resources for two sister companies; HUBBA Thailand and Techsauce Media. The organisations had over one hundred employees and no existing HR process or team. Jess was contracted to build out and implement every HR process throughout the year across both organisations.

At Comply Group, Jess manages HR and is implementing policies and benefits to promote employee success.

Brielie-Jean Hudson - Marketing & Communications Lead

Brielie-Jean is a marketing specialist with international experience leading high-profile marketing campaigns for world-class brands. Brielie-Jean brings a wealth of experience across digital marketing and communications to the team and is responsible for leading our brand campaigns and advertising efforts to help reach the people who need our platform to stay compliant.

Cyril Cinco - Business Development Lead

A growth specialist with years of experience taking new businesses to market across SE Asia and the US, Cyril is responsible for identifying and testing new markets for Comply Group. As we release new products and features locally and overseas Cyril is responsible for adapting our messaging and connecting us with new customers.

Pearl Violeta - Customer Support Lead

Pearl is a seasoned customer support specialist who takes care of our customer support activities. We pride ourselves on providing world-class customer support and always listening to customer feedback to improve our products. Pearl is on the front line of this work interacting with our customers and users on a daily basis.

Nina Chadakorn - Accounting and Payroll Administrator

Join the team - if you think you have something you can contribute, feel free to reach out to [email protected] and let us know!

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