Comply Group's Check-In Portal is an easy-to-use browser-based tool where visitors use their smart device or phone camera to scan a QR code. They then check in to the venue via a secure web form that opens automatically in the phone's browser.

No mobile app download is required.

Some helpful how-to guides are below for checking in, and saving check-in details are below.

Checking in to a venue

To check in to a venue using a Comply Group QR code, simply follow these steps:

  • Open your phone camera and hold over the QR code

  • When the link appears, click the link to take you to the check-in screen

Most smart devices automatically scan QR codes. If your phone isn't scanning the QR code, there are some basic steps to take. See here for some basic troubleshooting help with scanning QR codes using Android and iPhone.

To try the check-in experience for yourself, feel free to scan this demo QR code with your camera phone:

For more detailed information on other check-in scenarios and features, see the following help articles:

Troubleshooting complex check-in scenarios

Features for checking in customers

Features for checking in employees

Saving check-in details for next time

The Check-In Portal also allows you to save your check-in details locally on your phone, see below for some information on different ways to save information for your next check-in.

Save details to pre-fill the next check-in

Save check-in summary to your device

If you need to show your check-in screen to someone at the venue after checking in, you can save the success screen to your device as an image easily by following the steps in the guide below.

Save check-in summary to your device

For other features and user guides, head to

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