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We are fully integrated with (including approval from Dept. of Health) the Victoria Department of Health (DH, formerly DHHS) Visitation API. If you are unable to meet the integration deadline and are seeking to retain brand presence with your software, this low-cost, white-labelled checkin portal solution.

Note: This is an early-stage concept. We're open to ideas/feedback to adjust this concept to something that works (within the constraints below). We're seeking a few providers willing to be early adopters that we iterate this concept with.

User experience (end-user checking in)

  1. Scan your existing QR Code / enter your existing short URL (no requirement to change or update existing posters)

  2. The user is redirected to a fully white-labeled (your branding) hosted check-in page where they can provide and submit their details

  3. (optional) After confirming their check-in information, the user is redirected back to your website to the custom URL you have provided

Key benefits

  • Government integrated. We will integrate with each government contact tracing API within Australia, as they are made available e.g. Victoria Visitation API

  • Hosted customer support. Your customers will be provided with a Comply Group account so our team can take care of customer support as well.

  • Additional features. Your customers will have access to the full suite of functionality basked into our product

  • Segment your customers. There's no need to flip your entire customer base to our platform. Just the ones that are at risk of not being able to use your service.


We will provide you with a Provider account where you can view usage statistics, billing estimates based on usage, and a variety of customisation options.

  • Custom CSS. Insert custom CSS to override and re-design the white-labeled contact tracing experience to match your brand and customer expectations.

  • Custom branding. Uploading your own logo and provide some custom info (with links) to your business, therefore, retaining your brand presence.

  • Redirect/fallback URLs. Optionally provide custom URLs to redirect the customer back to your website after successful or failed check-in experiences.


We are yet to work out an exact model for this. That said, here is what we have so far:

  • Implementation cost. There will be a cost to get a hosted portal setup for your organisation. We're estimating it to be around $999 to $1999.

  • Monthly payment. For this to be worth it for us, we're looking at a minimum of $499 per month to provide this service. This will include a fixed number of locations with scaled pricing for more locations than the default amount offered.

  • Unlimited check-ins per location, or unlimited locations with per checkin pricing. To be discussed based on how your business operates and what we are technically capable of delivering.

  • Your customer. Will not be charged by us for the check-in portal. You can retain ownership over the billing process with your customer. The only exception to this is if they want to use our SMS features (can buy credits within their account).

Operational constraints

  • Domain name. Our robust security policies have significant dependencies on our domain name. Much like how Stripe checkout works, the "hosted contact tracing" page must use our domain name in order for us to keep customer data safe.

  • Comply Group account. At some point along the journey, your customers will require a Comply Group account where they can download contact tracing data and manage their contact tracing form. This exact flow requires some discussion.

  • Data usage/sharing. In order to maintain our commitments to data privacy, we are not able to share any data outside of our system. That said, we will provide some high-level usage statistics in your Provider account.

Key considerations

Beyond a conversation to refine pricing, there are some other key considerations that require further discussion to find out what works for your business. There are some suggestions below but ultimately

  • Customer onboarding. As mentioned above, at some point in the flow we will need to onboard your customers onto our platform. We have APIs, email invitation engines (individual and bulk), and custom landing pages available.

  • Redirection of existing QR codes / URLs. If required, in order to maintain existing your existing, branded QR Codes and posters, you might have to do a little bit of development work to redirect traffic to the location's white-labeled check in page.

Next steps

Grab me at [email protected] to chat further anytime 😃

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