About this feature

Your account contains sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for every person that has checked in to your location(s). You can now enable a second layer of security on your account requiring email, password, and unique code on login.

Usages notes

Using this feature

  1. Head to "Account" in the top menu (after logging in)

  2. Click the "Enable MFA" button

  3. Follow the guided steps to enable MFA on your account

Disable the feature

Head to "Account" and click the "Disable MFA" button.

Lost your device?

Head to our homepage and reach out to the team via chat with one of your backup codes and your account's email address. We will verify your account and disable MFA. If you have forgotten your password as well, use the password reset link.

Related features

  • Real-time panel security. Secure access to your real-time check-in portal using a unique, resettable passphrase delivered automatically via email to your team

  • Cybersecurity overview document. A deeply detailed guide on the cybersecurity practices put in place to keep the platform's data safe and secure.


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