About this feature

Provide a better experience for people arriving for a meeting by adding a link to your check-in portal prompting people who have arrived for a meeting to provide additional information about the meeting (their name and/or meeting details).

Usage notes

  • Arrival notifications. We are testing a feature where you can add people's names, emails, and numbers. The person checking in can pick a name from the list to instantly notify (via SMS and/or email) the person they have arrived. If you would like early access to this feature, reach out and let us know.

Using this feature

  1. Click "Edit location" on your location overview page

  2. Expand the "Visitor management" tab

  3. Enable the "Capture meeting details" checkbox

  4. Hit the "Save" button

Related features

  • Real-time check-in data portal. Staff can view check-in/check-out data in real-time and customers can check in via a privacy-ware, secure public check-in portal.

  • Purpose of the entry field. Change this text to collect something related to identifying why someone is in the location.

  • Virtual queue/waiting room. Manage location/venue capacity in real-time by placing new check-ins in a waiting room where they can be approved or rejected.

  • Real-time self-service portal. Turn your real-time check-in data management portal into a publicly accessible, privacy-aware, secure self-service portal.


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