About this product

When employees to travel long distances to, from, and between locations, by preference or by law, organisations can keep their employees safe by tracking their journey and arrival status and triggering automatic escalation policies if required.

Key features

  • Customisable escalation policy. Configure who receives notifications, how they receive them, and when they are sent - read more here

  • Journey Escalation Dashboard (JED). View, in real-time, all ongoing and historical journeys and their status - read more here

  • Custom messaging. Optionally add messaging (with links) to the top of the new journey portal and/or a privacy policy addendum above the start journey button.

  • No apps or hardware. This product is simple for employees. No apps, no hardware, no login credentials, no passwords, works on any mobile device.


The pricing is simple, and based on pay-as-you-go principles at $4.80 per journey, payable by credit card or invoice. There are no recurring costs, no hidden costs, no additional costs. We also offer enterprise discounts for larger bulk purchases:

  • 1000+ journey credits: $4.50 per journey ($300+ in savings)

  • 5000+ journey credits: $4.20 per journey ($3,000+ in savings)

  • 10,000+ journey credits: $3.90 per journey ($9,000+ in savings)

All prices exclusive of GST. When you sign up your account will automatically receive 0 journey credits so you can test the solution before committing.

Getting started

Reach out to us and we’ll provision you a zero commitment test account straight away.

This feature has been developed in partnership with a member of the Safer Together industry peak body organisation. It is actively used by customers in the field but will remain invite-only in the immediate future as we build even more features than the ones listed here before we open up the product to the general public.

You can set up as many Journey Managers as needed. This allows you to configure different escalation policies and collect/display journey data into different groups.

Each journey manager has a unique QR Code and short URL that can be shared with drivers, printed and placed in vehicles, put on an internal website or saved to the driver’s phone’s home screen.

Employee experience

The employee can start a new journey by scanning a Journey Manager’s unique QR code or opening the short URL (as shown below).

  1. The employee scans the QR code or uses the short URL (test here)

  2. They provide their contact & journey details

  3. (optional) They provide a passenger’s contact details

  4. They start their journey and are shown a journey summary screen

  5. (optional) Open the fastest route in Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze

  6. (optional) Extend their journey by 15, 30 or 60 minutes

  7. They can finish their journey (marked as completed)

  8. (conditional) If the ETA elapses the escalation policy will be triggered

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is this different to a GPS car tracker?

GPS-based trackers are great for tracking where a vehicle is, but not for tracking who is in the vehicle, how to contact them, when they think they will arrive, etc.

We are currently building an integration with Google Maps. With one click, a driver can share their Google Maps location and ETA in real-time. To preserve privacy, the integration is disconnected when the driver completes or cancels the journey in their Google Maps app. Contact us to get early access to this feature

Are any hardware or app downloads required?

No. No apps, no login credentials, no passwords. Compliance software needs to be effective and simple and our JMS solution fits the bill perfectly.

What if I have additional requirements?

Easy. Let us know what they are and we’ll build them. Typical turn-around time for new feature requests is a few days. Just let us know what you need.

Do you have any other compliance solutions?

Yes. This JMS solution is part of Comply Group. We provide full-suite compliance automation and reporting software solution. Reach out to chat about your needs.


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