About this feature

This feature is seamlessly integrated into our visitor management check-in portal providing the visitor with a link that when tapped exposes a hidden input field with an additional paragraph of text to provide further context to guide for the correct input.

Usage notes

  • Expandable link. Unlike our other custom question sections (links below) this input is hidden by default and expanded when the link is tapped/clicked.

  • Additional context. All other input fields provide a few words inside the empty input to guide the person checking in, this field supports paragraphs of text.

Using this feature

  1. Click "Edit location" on your location overview page

  2. Expand the "Expandable question" tab

  3. Enable the "Custom expandable question" checkbox

  4. Provide required information in supporting text

  5. Hit the "Save" button

Related features

  • Asking custom questions. We provide the ability to ask custom questions beyond what is already available on a case-by-case basis.


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