About this feature

Instantly deliver an SMS to everyone currently checked in to a location. Each announcement message is fully customisable and can be used in both emergency and non-emergency use cases.

Example use cases

  • Emergency orders. Evacuation, stand-in-place, terrorist threat, COVID-19 outbreak detected, and so on. Anytime emergency communication required.

  • Important announcements. Closing soon, sudden change in venue layout or program schedule, other important updates relevant for people in your location.

Usage notes

  • Emergency mode. When opting to send an emergency text message, the message will have "[EMERGENCY]" at the start of the message.

  • Real-time panel integration. When an emergency announcement is sent, the real-time panel will display phone numbers for next hour only.

  • Active checkins only. Only active checkins will receive the announcement, Checkins that have auto-expired or checked out will not receive it.

  • Mobile phones only. SMS can be received by mobile phone's only. You will be provided with final numbers of announcement recipients and non-recipients.

  • Contact tracing restrictions. Whilst using your location for contact tracing, non-emergency announcements cannot be sent to people who have checked in.

  • Test functionality. You can provide phone numbers to test the feature at any time without impacting current people checked in.

  • Consumes SMS credits. This feature relies on SMS credits to work. You can bulk purchase SMS credits at $0.12 (ex. GST) at any time.

  • One-way only. Recipients of the announcement SMS cannot respond to the SMS (no reply) or call the sending number.

Using this feature

  1. Head to your location page

  2. Find the "Send an announcement" section

  3. Click "Open announcement portal"

  4. Create a new announcement

  5. Enable the "Emergency announcement" checkbox in case of emergency

  6. Click the "Create announcement" button

  7. Click the "Send" button

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