Note: This feature relates to our Journey Management Software (JMS) product

About this feature

Each Journey manager allows for a unique escalation policy to be configured. This escalation policy can be changed at any time and accounts for ETA changes/extensions.

Key features

  • Policy is optional. Escalation policies are not enabled by default enabling you to collect journey information without triggering an escalation.

  • Driver/Passenger notifications. Notify the driver (and the passenger) when the journey’s ETA has surpassed and prompt them to extend it.

  • ETA update buffer time. Provide a grace period for the driver to update their ETA before triggering internal escalation policy notifications.

  • Multiple delivery methods. Internal escalation notifications can be delivered to one or many recipients, and can be sent via SMS and/or email.

Using this feature

  1. Head to your Journey Manager overview page

  2. Hit the “Edit journey Manager” button

  3. Expand the “Escalation Policy” tab

  4. Modify the settings as required


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