This feature was developed in our Safety and Accessibility Lab to further our commitment to making our products as accessible as possible for everyone.

About this feature

Governments are steadily beginning to mandate usage of their own QR Code systems, making managing additional compliance requirements that COVID Comply offers more difficult and prone to human error. This feature solves this problem.

30 second video of the integration:

Use cases

  • Health screening & temperature checks. Keep people safe by asking a health questionnaire and/or conducting a temperature check.

  • Instant notifications & red notices. Instantly receive sms and/or email notifications and red notices for new check-ins before completing their check-in.

  • General/Emergency announcements. Send general and emergency SMS announcements to all people currently checked in.

  • Voluntary government integration. If your organisation is not required to use the government QR code system but you'd like to opt in to an integration.

...and many more. This will work seamlessly in conjunction with all of our customisable features to support your organisation's exact check-in requirements.

Usage notes

  • Seamless experience. The person checking in will be guided through a seamless, two-step check-in process. It only adds a few seconds in total.

  • QR code connection tool. We've built a tool that uses you devices camera/webcam to scan your gov QR Code to automatically link them.

  • Accelerated check-in. Optionally enable this feature to skip the person seeing the summary screen and open the government check-in app immediately.

  • Concierge mode. Check people in using our concierge tool, and also check them in to the government check-in as well.

Australian government coverage



Web Concierge

New South Wales

South Australia



❌ (not provided)


❌ (not provided)

Northern Territory

❌ (not provided)

Australian Capital Territory

❌ (not provided)

Western Australia

❌ (not supported)

❌ (not supported)

❌ (not provided)

(not provided) = The government has not built this solution yet. If/when they build it, we will integrate with it (web-based concierge will also work on iOS / Android).

(not supported) = The government has specifically designed their application to be incompatible with any external service (Covid Comply, phone camera, etc).

Using this feature

  1. Head to your Location Overview page

  2. Click the "Edit location" button

  3. Expand the "Multi-factor Check-in" tab

  4. Enable multi-factor check-in

  5. If you have the URL/fallback code already enter it in

  6. (optional) Turn on the "Accelerated check-in mode" checkbox and click save.

If you don't have the URL, you can click the "QR Code connection tool" button to complete the extract the URL by scanning the QR code - please note you'll need to click save to save any settings changed before using the QR Code Connection Tool.


Troubleshooting checking in with Samsung Devices

The most common reason is that Samsung devices select default apps automatically, making the browser the default way to open a Service VIC link instead of using the app instead.

Here's how this can be resolved:

· 1. In settings search for "default app selection"

· 2. Change this from "set default apps automatically" to "ask before setting default apps"

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