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Some organisations may have specific COVID-19 vaccination coverage reporting requirements or obligations (e.g. aged care). Others may have staff interacting with vulnerable populations on a daily basis requiring a particular set of vaccinations.

This tool allows enables organisations with instant access real-time reporting on the current and projected vaccination status for an entire workforce for one or many, single or multi-dose vaccinations with automatic reporting and follow-up reminders.

Use cases

  • Aged care & COVID-19. Monitor the COVID-19 vaccination status (scheduled, partial, full, etc) for all staff (permanent and temporary/contractor) across all facilities.

  • Annual, organisation-wide vaccinations. Distribute information about and track response and adoption rate in bulk for flu shots, whooping cough, etc.

  • Hospital visitors. Use our self service portal to capture information from people entering a critical care facility to capture and declare their vaccination status.

Key features

  • Unique Passport number. Each staff member gets a unique vaccination passport number that stays with them and they can easily re-use and update anytime.

  • Multi-site or team support (sub groups). Easily setup, monitor, and automatically report on vaccination status coverage across multiple teams and/or locations.

  • No apps or logins. Staff will automatically receive an email and/or SMS to securely access and update their passport. No complex logins or apps required.

  • Multi-vaccination. Setup multiple instances of the vaccination registration system to support multiple, different vaccination tracking requirements in parallel.

  • Automatically follow up with staff. Setup automatic reminders to prompt staff to book a vaccination, to update their passport after a scheduled date, etc.

  • Automatically generate and send reports. Pick one or many frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly) to receive vaccination status reports to one, or many, emails.

  • Single or multi-dose vaccinations. Dashboards, reports, and staff user experience automatically customised based on single or multi-dose vaccinations.

  • Check-in integration. Integrate into our check-in portal to capture vaccination passport number and display vaccination status on the check-in summary screen.

  • Evidence upload required. Optionally, turn on the ability to require evidence (photo or file) to be provided when indicating a vaccination has been completed.

  • Identity check (request early access). Capture Passport or Driver's licence and instantly verify the identity of the person creating the passport.

  • Supports other use cases (request early access). Supports many other types of identity and certification document capture.

Importing staff

  • Bulk import. Send us a spreadsheet (name, mobile number and/or email) of staff to add into the system and we can upload them to your account straight away.

  • Single entry (by an admin). Add staff one at a time (name, mobile number and/or email), and at any time needed (takes ~10 seconds per staff member).

  • Self service portal. Optionally, provide your staff (or visitors) with with a short URL and/or QR Code to add themselves to your account on demand.

Status reporting

  • Not responded. Import all of your staff and have visibility over everyone who has and has not responded to the request to update their passport.

  • Scheduled. Staff can update their scheduled to receive their vaccination (if requires multiple doses, can schedule for both as well).

  • Fully (or partially) vaccinated. Capture the full vaccination status, with partial vaccination being captured for multi-dose vaccination types.

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