This feature is part of our Vaccination Passport Manager (VPM) product

About this feature

Integrate vaccination passports created by your organisation for your staff into staff QR Code check-in portals to capture and showcase vaccination status on entry. Optionally, Add restrictions and automatic notifications to manage entry conditions.

Key features

  • No integration limits. Integrate one or many Vaccination Passport Managers into a single, or numerous, QR Code check-in portals (check-in locations).

  • Vaccination status. The current vaccination status is shown in both the check-in summary page and the real-time panel after completing a check-in.

  • Privacy maintained. Sensitive details from the vaccination passport are not shared in the check-in portal summary screen to preserve individual privacy.

  • Restricted entry. Restrict entry (with red notice integration) into a location if a person does not meet criteria (partially or fully vaccinated).

Capacity checks and ratio requirements update

When you have enabled vaccination status and capacity checks as part of your check in flow, your dashboard can now set a hard limit on access to your premises based on a % ratio. Allowing you to:

  • Simultaneously track capacity and vaccination status of workforce who have checked in, meeting whatever targets your industry has been mandated to follow, or what you feel is safest for your business (eg maximum capacity of 50 people on site, 90% of which must have at least a first dose of vaccination)

  • Configure checkin to see if an employee has had a negative test in a certain amount of days. This can be extrapolated to state they must have a negative test within x amount of days or at least one vaccination a negative test. Alternatively that they must have a negative test within x amount of days and at least one vaccination a negative test

  • Checkin integration. You can have as many vaccination managers as needed linked to as many locations as needed. For instance you may have differing requirements for full time staff and casual staff, but want to link both rule sets to a single location. Alternatively you may want to link both to 40 locations. The dashboard will allow you to do either

Using this feature

  1. Head to your location overview page

  2. Hit the "Edit" button

  3. Expand the "Vaccination Passports" section

  4. Turn on the "Enable vaccination status check" checkbox

  5. Pick one or many Vaccination Managers under "Integrated Vaccination Managers"

  6. Hit "Save"

Optionally, you can also manage which locations are integrated with a Vaccination Passport Manager by following these steps (will still have to enable the addition status check checkbox via location settings to turn on the integration):

  1. Head to your Vaccination Passport Manager overview page

  2. Hit the "Edit" button

  3. Expand the "Check-in integration" section

  4. Pick one or many locations under "Integrate check-in portals"

  5. Hit "Save"

note// when picking from the list of "Integration Vaccination Managers" or "Integrated check-in portals" hold the following keyboard key to add or remove from the list:

  • Windows: control (ctrl) and click one or many

  • Mac: command (cmd) and click one or many


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