This feature was developed in our Safety and Accessibility Lab to further our commitment to making our products as accessible as possible for everyone.

About this feature

When providing a dedicated kiosk experience, you can now also allow people to securely check out as well without exposing the personal information for everyone else that is currently checked in using an intelligent name and phone search form.

Use cases

  • Technologically challenged demographic. Provide a single, shared device (or multiple devices) for people to check in and check out (don't need own device).

  • Accurate capacity management. Provide a dedicated check-out kiosk at the exit of a venue or event to enforce checking out to accurately maintain capacity tally.

Key features

  • Dedicated check-in kiosk integration. When the check in search portal and the ability to check out is enabled, the check-in kiosk will include a check out link.

  • Name search. By default you can search by phone. When enabled, you can also search by exact name. When a duplicate name is present, a notice is shown.

  • Search rate limiting. If required, add a rate limit to the number of searches conducted per 10 minute period to meet internal IT team security requirements.

Using this feature

  1. Head to your location overview page

  2. Hit the "Edit" button

  3. Expand the "Check-in search portal" tab

  4. Turn on the "Search portal enabled for public usage" checkbox

  5. (optional) Turn on the "Search by name or phone number" checkbox

  6. (optional) Add a rate limit to the search feature

  7. Hit "Save"

  8. Scroll down to the "check-in search portal" section

  9. Use the URL or test the search portal as required

Related features

  • Setup a dedicated check-in kiosk/tablet. Turn on a permanent kiosk mode on specific devices to allow people to check in and check out using a shared device.

  • Capture checkout data. Ask people who have to checked in to also checkout when leaving the location and track the checkout time and total duration of visit.


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