When our rules based logic feature is enabled you can send out dynamic reminders to your employees covering a wide range of queries. These reminders can be set to go out at various intervals that can be configured to what suits your business’ needs.

You have an unlimited amount of reminders you can send out, and these can be turned off at any time. Reminders can be sent out via text or email dependent upon your configuration.

An incredibly powerful yet user friendly feature, it will allow you to send reminders at an acutely granular level, namely:

  • Send reminders based on postcode, allowing a targeted message to be sent to those specifically affected by any requirement changes rather than your entire workforce (eg all employee’s from x LGA must have two vaccination doses before resuming work)

  • Remind your employees after their last test (eg. industries that require a RAT test every 3 days can send employee’s reminders about when their next test is due)

  • Send reminders for the number of days since a 1st dose has been provided. Similarly can be done for the total number of doses received (eg. after a passport has been provided no doses are provided, reminders will be sent to that employee about what is due to be completed and when it must be)

  • You can combine any requirements to meet extremely specific cases (eg. if an employee has not received their first dose, send a reminder every 3 days until they have booked and/or have received it)

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