Configure your Vaccine & Test passport (admin perspective)

With a few clicks you can set up your passport exactly as needed for you industry and organisation.

Employees creating a passport and add test & vaccination data (user perspective)
When visitors or staff enter your premises they'll scan your QR Code as normal, and be walked through setting up their passport and entering all required information. This can be configured to capture as much or as little as your business needs.

View and download the data as needed (admin perspective)

Easily access the exact information you need for audit, compliance, reporting, or rostering purposes.

Vaccine Manager

As an admin you'll be able to see who has responded, who hasn't, the layout of total amount of vaccinations (1st dose, 2nd dose and those who are declining), and the projected dates when these targets will be met.

Test Manager

Similarly, you'll have oversight of all test results. Can be used in conjunction with our Rules Based Logic feature to send out dynamic reminders if your staff are required certain tests within a certain timeframe.

Click through here look through our entire COVID-19 Vaccination Status Registration & Surveillance Testing suite and see how the platform can be catered to meet your needs.

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