Here are some quick videos that demonstrate how you set up a passport, how to enable dashboards for vaccinations and testing and a brief overview of the features you can enable.

Please note the videos below show a very basic setup for an organisation, if you’d like any information or guidance with any of the other features not demonstrated please reach out to us and we can guide you through them 😃

Creating a Passport Manager

Getting set up with your passport manager is simple! To start with:

  1. Enter your details

  2. Enter the name of your organisation

Editing your Vaccination Passport Manager Dashboard and user check in flow

1. Click on Edit Manager, this will open up all the configuration options you have at your disposal

2. Configure your manager to capture the exact type of data you need. This will be what is asked of those who check in. Hit save to enable your chosen features.

3. Send out your unique Passport Manager link to your employees

4. They'll then be asked to create and update passports personally.

5. You can now have oversight and manage the current vaccination rates of your workforce (with projections of when you will have 1st and 2nd dose coverage) by clicking on Open Dashboard

Enabling test results capture

  1. Click on Edit Manager and scroll down to the Testing tab. Here you can set your passport to capture test results of people who are entering your premises (can be configured to capture as little or as much information as you need such as type of test taken, name of lab etc.) Hit save to continue.

  2. Once enabled you will now have access to a Test Results dashboard (will be located beneath your Passport Dashboard

  3. When employees create their passport (with the same link as earlier) they will now be asked to submit any test related data you require.

4. You can now have oversight of test results of your entire work force

Rules Based Logic

Using our Rules Based Logic feature, you have the option to send out dynamic reminders to your employees covering a wide range of queries. These reminders can be set to go out at various intervals that can be configured to what your business needs. Click through here to read more.

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