In Australia, COVID-19 vaccine certificates contain an Individual Healthcare Identifier which is considered both 'private' and 'sensitive' information by the OAIC.

New mandates requiring employers to sight or store a workers vaccination certificate poses the issue of how best to protect sensitive medical information contained.

Additionally, handling this information poses a serious legal and cyber security risk to organisations potentially exposing them to lawsuits, hefty fines, and even executive jail sentences if the data isn’t handled properly*.

Our IHI Redaction feature allows your staff to securely upload any certificate or proof of vaccination without needing to handle or store this sensitive data.

Here's how to set that up in our system:

1. Edit Passport Manager

2. Open up Vaccinations

3. Scroll down to Automatic IHI redaction and enable it. This will now automatically block all IHI numbers from any certificate uploaded from that point forward.

Manual IHI redaction.

If you have previously had staff upload certificates before enabling this feature, you can click on ‘Bulk IHI Redaction’. This will retroactively perform the same function and redact any IHI numbers on documents already in your system.

Once enabled, any proof of vaccination uploaded will now have those details redacted.

*Source: Australian Financial Review - Terrible mistake could send execs to jail over vaccine certificates

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