With the option for Australians to now perform RAT testing from home, businesses now have the flexibility for staff to safely test themselves for COVID-19 from home, keeping their entire workforce safe from potential exposure and furloughing.

Our Passport Management tool has been expanded to capture these results in the same manner that you would for vaccinations/check ins. Allowing for a seamless user experience to collate and manage this complex data privately and securely.

How it works

1. Create a Passport Manager

Create a passport/passport manager and configure to capture what details you need

2. Enable test results

Enable the capture of test results, this will allow employees to confirm any tests they have taken (date, type etc)

3. Photo Upload

Employees will be asked to upload a photo of their most recent test result.

4. Fraud Detection

Our fraud detection algorithm determines if the uploaded photo was taken recently, on the same device currently being used, and some other checks via our proprietary algorithm.

5. Complete

Once uploaded you will now be able to see the results in your Dashboard

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