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We offer enhanced SSO Integrations to all of our customers, with bespoke implementations available for our customers with dedicated enterprise environments.

Implementation process

The implementation process varies slightly based on your SSO requirements (optional, required, etc) and your employee directory service (Google, Azure, etc).

Step one.

As early as possible (we're happy to do this prior to receiving a Purchase Order or signing a contact to help move things along as quickly as possible) we require a 20 minute meeting with your IT team to discuss the requirements and your existing systems.

Step two.

After a purchase order has been received, we will immediately get to work by provisioning the correct configuration for your account (depending on specific requirements this could take 24 hours through to a couple of weeks).

Note: If you have purchased a dedicated enterprise environment, we require an additional 3 business days from receipt of Purchase Order for environment setup.

Configuration options

Our preference when it comes to cyber security is to provide an un-opinionated solution that meets your organisation's requirements exactly. With that in mind, here are some (but not all) configuration preferences we have supported to date:

  • Optional SSO. To support multi-level, internal and external organisational access hierarchies it is possible to allow users to optionally use SSO where appropriate.

  • Mandatory SSO. Access is strictly limited to individuals logging in via SSO. Invitations by existing administrators to non SSO addresses will not work.

  • Domain restricted SSO. We can also configure SSO to be restricted by one or many domain names in addition to either "Optional" or "Mandatory" SSO.

  • Directory restricted SSO. Our solution can also integrate directly with your directory, allowing you to manage who can access the predict in existing systems.

Interim security policy

Where an implementation requires some bespoke configuration and will take longer than 24 hours, you can implement an interim policy where all people with access to the platform pre-SSO availability are queried to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

By default, all accounts come with TOTP MFA baked in from day one. Using MFA in the intercom to secure accounts is in most cases an appropriate alternative interim security measure ensuring account security is not compromised.


All of our SSO implementations are priced based on scope and requirements. In most cases, the pricing will require either; a monthly cost, or an upfront setup cost. Reach out to your Comply Group account manager to find out more about our SSO solutions.

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