Throughout Australia, various states have begun implementing mandatory booster vaccines for certain industries to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Our Vaccination Passport Manager provides instant access real-time reporting on the current and projected vaccination status for an entire workforce.

We have recently updated the platform to accomodate those businesses that require all staff to receive a third COVID-19 vaccination.

Here's how to set it up:

  1. Edit Passport Manager

2. Scroll down and open up Vaccinations

3. Scroll down to 'Enable Booster Shot Capture" and tick the box.

4. You can optionally alter the text for the email that will be sent out to all staff members prompting them to update their passports.

When you enter the passport dashboard, a 'third dose' column will appear beside each staff member's name. Click on 'Notify' to send out a reminder that they need to update their passport with a third vaccination dose.

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