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Our Timesheet Management tool enables businesses to integrate staff timesheets into their Comply Group check-in locations. When employees arrive at work, they can now scan their workplace QR code to check-in to the location, as well as clock in for work using the same web system.

This takes away the need for separate systems, with employers now being able to combine both contact tracing with time sheeting for their entire workforce, including a feature which includes contractors and casual employees.

This product works in conjunction with the Comply Group Check-In Portal.

Key features

  • Timesheet records - View and manage all timesheet records

  • Different types of employees - View and manage all employees and separate them into groups based on their role in the company.

  • Reports - Export data from the system, including payroll spreadsheets for future record keeping and reporting requirements.

  • Public holidays - View and configure public holidays to ensure payroll administers the correct pay to employees.

  • Companies - view and configure the companies your workforce may contract from

  • Red notice integration - If an employee tries to clock on outside of the pre-configured checkin zone, a red notice will appear under that person's name in the dashboard.

  • Geo-location tracking - When an employee or contractor is within a certain distance from the check-in location, they will be able to clock in using their mobile device.

  • Pay Codes - Assign various pay grades and award rates to ensure employees are being paid correctly.

  • Shifts - View and configure different types of shifts (e.g. day shift, night shift, weekend etc)

  • No apps or hardware required - This is a web-based system that requires no external applications to be downloaded. Employees can use their mobile device to clock on for their shift.

There are several steps to setting up your Timesheet Manager, and we have written a collection of user guides to help you with the setup process. Follow these FAQ links (in numerical order) to complete your Timesheet setup:

  1. How to connect a timesheet to an existing check-in location

  2. Pay Codes and Awards

  3. Shifts, Classifications, Companies and Public Holidays

  4. Create profiles for your employees in your Timesheet Manager

Once your Timesheet Manager is fully configured and ready to use, click here for a step-by step guide on clocking on and off for a shift. In the meantime, here's what it looks like to clock on for a shift:

Managers can access employee timesheets in the 'Timesheet Records' dashboard. The details of all employee timesheets can be reviewed and edited by managers when a staff member has completed their shift.

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